Expand Production Capacity while maintaining full GxP Compliance

Aizon Launches New Data Aggregation Solution, Driving Digital Transformation for Pharma Manufacturing

Aizon Unify helps biopharmaceutical manufacturers embrace data to increase production capacity, reduce operating costs and improve product quality

Unifying your disparate data into one visible and elegant whole

Expand production capacity with dashboards that identify optimizations for one or multiple facilities

Reduce costs with prebuilt analytics tools and analyze your production data in real-time

Improve product quality by leveraging pharmaceutical data models that identify and alert you to potential risks

Unifying your disparate data into one visible and elegant whole

Unify helps you collate and navigate your diverse and complex data, as well as elevate your manufacturing through increased production capacity, reduced operating costs, and improved product quality.

No matter what your resources, size, and maturity are, Aizon and our single digital, GxP-compliant Unify platform will help you seamlessly convert your facility into a Connected Plant.

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Achieve Unparalleled Batch Control and Business Agility in an Increasingly Competitive Pharma Industry

Convert Your Facility into a Connected Plant

Aizon’s Unify platform creates a Connected Plant by linking independent manufacturing assets and systems, consolidating all data for easy and efficient management through a single digital dashboard.

Ease of Integration and Unlimited Data Sources

As our Unify platform easily sits on top of your existing tech infrastructure, implementation is fast, easy, and cost-efficient. Moreover, our platform seamlessly integrates with any pharmaceutical data type, system, device, or sensor.

Real-time Data Monitoring

By making real-time monitoring, analysis, and business insights accessible to every member of your production team, the Unify platform allows anyone to take immediate action to root-out line errors, gain efficiencies, and elevate your productivity and the quality of your product.

Fully GxP Compliant

Aizon’s Unity platform allows you to maintain full GxP compliance via robust security features and data validation processes that are specifically and expertly designed to adhere to fluid pharmaceutical regulatory requirements. Unify adheres to industry standards to provide GxP compliance you can trust.