CPV-enabled Refinement of Biotechnological Manufacturing Recipe
Industrial-scale production of biotechnology products creates a high amount of volatility that is natural in biological processes like upstream manufacturing.

Continued Process Verification (CPV) aims to solve this problem by offering pharmaceutical companies the possibility to monitor manufacturing processes in real time while being redirected ahead of possible deviations.

This case study describes how, as part of PDA’s “CPV of the Future” project, Aizon answers questions such as how to apply advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to support Pharma’s decision-making while maintaining regulatory compliance.

By studying the fermentation process of one of the most frequently used enzymes in biotransformations, Aizon was able to:
  • Isolate low-quality batches before the end of an upstream process, which would result in millions in savings
  • Use the acquired data to predict optimal values to increase yield efficiency
Download this case study to see how they did it!

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Aizon CPV case study

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